Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Instagram: Month in photos

As i've neglected this blog lately, I thought i'd post some of my Instagram photos to update it.

1. All black outfit as always
2. Shameless selfie but my hair's finally growing
3. Absolutely addicted to American Horror Story (Evan Peters helps)
4. Topshop always have the best socks
5. New favourite shoes by far, i've wanted some chunky black boots for ages and these are perfect (from River Island) They're also exactly like the Windsor Smith ones, just much more affordable
6. Can't beat a chunky black jumper and Dr Martens
7. / 8. Topshop 'Mom' jeans and layered tops
9. My wall
10. Rarely go to Forever 21 but these socks are fab
11. Socks from eBay
12. Another all black outfit